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    CHAPTER 12



    That very day, on the way to Emmaus, Jesus joins
    two of his disciples and discourses with them for 5 miles without being
    recognised by them! What a perfect masquerade! On reaching their
    destination, the disciples persuade the Master to join them for a meal.

    "And it came to pass, as he sat EATING with
    them, he took bread and blessed it, and broke it, and gave it to them"

    (HOLY BIBLE) Luke 24:30


    By the manner in which he brake bread (meaning the way he blessed
    it), "their eyes were opened". Did they walk from Jerusalem to
    Emmaus with closed eyes? No! We are being told that the disciples
    recognised him only at that juncture. Luke continues with his story,
    that when they recognised him, "he vanished out of sight". Did
    he do the Indian "Rope Trick"? Please don't be ridiculous! What it
    means is that he went away. He went out of their sight.




    Full of excitement, the two disciples rushed up to
    that upper room, where the other disciples were:-

    "And they went and told it unto the residue
    (of the disciples), NEITHER BELEIVED they them"

    (HOLY BIBLE) Mark 16:13

    What is wrong with these disciples of Jesus? Why
    are they reluctant to believe? What is their difficulty? The problem is
    that they are confronted with evidence that Jesus is ALIVE! Not
    (i.e. not spiritualised), but evidence that he is the
    same physical Jesus, flesh and bones as any one of them!
    — Eating food! In disguise — but not a spirit and not a ghost. This is
    what they could not believe. If they were told that Mary had seen the
    ghost of Jesus, they would have believed. If the above two had told the
    rest that they too had seen the ghost of Jesus, they would certainly
    have believed that. They were a people who had seen spirits going into
    pigs and stampeding two thousand of them to destruction —
    . They had seen spirits going into trees
    and drying them up from their very roots overnight — (Mark 77:20). They
    had seen "seven devils" coming out of Mary Magdalene —
    . All this was quite natural to their age.
    Spirits, ghosts and devils! They could accept that which was believable
    at that time and age. But a LIVE Jesus? A physical Jesus? One
    who had escaped the stings of death
    (Acts 2:24)? This was too heavy for their "little faith" — (Matthew
    6:30; 8:26; 74:37; 76:8; and Luke 72:28)

    (a) Mary Magdalene testifies that Jesus is ALIVE. 1

    (b) The disciples from Emma us testify that he is

    (c) Angels said that Jesus was ALIVE! (Luke

    (d) Two men that stood by told the women "why seek
    ye the living among the dead?" That he is ALIVE!
    (Luke 24:4-5).

    Yet they will not believe!! Let us see whether
    they will believe the words of their own "Lord and Master", in the
    following chapter.

    1. ALIVE:
    Here as well as in every other place where this word
    occur, it has been faithfully reproduced from the
    Christian Scriptures, and it is not any interpretation of mine. If
    these verses were inspired by God, then, it seems, that the poor "Hotv
    Ghost" did not have the word "RESURRECTED" in its


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