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    Praise be to Allah (SWT), as befits His glory and the greatness of His power. I offer the praise of a humble, repentant servant who is need of His guidance and help. I thank Him for the blessings which He has bestowed upon me, and for honouring me with His aid to write this book, which has been so well-received by its readers and has been more popular than I ever expected. The first and second editions (of the Arabic original) sold out within a few short months of publication, and there was a great demand for the book, so I promptly prepared a third edition, with some important revisions and additions, most notably a new chapter, entitled "The Muslim woman and her sons- and daughters-in-law."

    The circulation of this book was not confined only to Arab readers; it has also reached a Turkish audience. It has been translated by more than one publishing house in Turkey, and tens of thousands of copies have been printed. I have received copies of two of these Turkish editions. All this, if it indicates anything, shows that there is a great thirst among non-Arab Muslim peoples for knowledge from the pure sources of Islam. There is a deep longing for serious, useful Islamic books from the Arab world, especially on the topic of the Muslim woman. Publishers are racing to translate this book into their own languages, so that they could present it to those people who have woken up to the authentic, pure guidance of Islam, which offers nourishment to their minds and souls. This is the best provision for the Muslim peoples at this time of reawakening.

    I have received offers from a number of publishers to translate this book into English and French, which should be done soon, in sha Allah.

    All praise and glory be to Allah (SWT); praise be to Allah (SWT), the Lord of the Worlds.

    Dr. Muhammad `Ali al-Hashimi


    15th Shawwal 1416, 4th March 1996


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