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    Isaac's Sons - from Commentators

    The Quran does not give details of Isaac's life (pbuh), but
    reliable Quranic commentators mentioned that when Abraham felt that his
    life was drawing to a close, he wished to see Isaac married. He did not
    want Isaac to marry one of the Canaanites, who were pagans, so he sent
    a trustworth servant to Haran in Iraq to choose a bride for Isaac. The
    servant's choice fell upon Rebekah Bint Bethuel, Ibn Nahor (who was a
    brother of Abraham). Isaac married her and she gave birth to a set of
    twins, Esau (Al Eis) and Jacob (Yaqub).

    Ill feelings developed between the two brothers when they grew into
    manhood. Esau disliked the fact that Jacob was favoured by his father
    and by Allah with prophethood. This ill feeling became so searious that
    Esau threatened to kill his brother. Fearing for his life, Jacob fled
    the country.

    Isaac's Sons - from Commentators

    The People of the Book said that when Isaac was forty years
    old, he married Rebekah Bint Bethuel, during his father's life. They
    said she was sterile, so Isaac prayed to Allah and then she became
    pregnant. She gave birth to twin boys. The first one was called Esau
    whom the Arabs called Al-Eis. He became the father of Rum. The second
    one was called Jacob, which means Isreal, (belonging to the people of

    Issac's Death

    Jacob came to his father Isaac and settled with him in the village of
    Hebron which lies in the land of Canaan where Abraham had lived. Then
    Isaac fell ill and died when he was one hundred eighty years old. His
    sons Esau and Jacob buried him with his father Abraham Al Khalil in a
    cave which he had bought. It was said that Abraham died at the age of
    one hundred seventy five.


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